M40 Hybrid

The robust power pack

The M40 Hybrid combines the power of the standard series with the versatility of a hybrid connector. This circular connector transmits power up to 55 A and data rates up to 100 Mbit/s in parallel. A special feature is the high electrical characteristics of the signal contacts. They enable servo technology users to realize transmission rates of up to 300V/8A for brakes.

  • Compact and robust design
  • Absolute industrial suitability for harsh environments
  • Screw or quick-lock fastener
  • TWILOCK-S: mateable with Speedtec

Power SignalEthernet
Number of contacts4+PE 4+22 oder 6
Contact diameter3,6 mm 1 mm1/0,6 mm
AWG 1,5-10 mm² 0,14-1,5 mm²0,14-1,5/0,05-0,34 mm²
Nominal current55 A 7 A2/1,2 A
Nominal voltage 630 AC / 850 DC 150/300 V~ 30 V~
Test voltage 4000 V~ 500/1500 V~ 500 V~
Data transfer Cat5e