Cable glands and circular connectors from HUMMEL AG are used in numerous branches of industry. These include automation and drive technology, sensor technology and robotics, mechanical and plant engineering, transport, the energy sector and the process industry. HUMMEL has been a partner of renowned OEMs for many years and therefore has excellent industry know-how.


The same power with even smaller installation space – this is increasingly the challenge for connection technology. Motors are getting smaller, but the power transmission remains the same. The concrete task: development of an M16 connector with the power transmission of an M23 connector.


The decisive factor is the contacts. Only if the smaller contacts of the M16 connector have the same conductivity as the larger M23 contacts the required power can be transmitted. The focus here is on the contact material. With a newly developed alloy, it was finally possible to realise the M16 High Current connector.


Whenever high corrosion protection is required, stainless steel components are used in connection technology. However, the requirements cannot always be realised with components made of stainless steel. Cost aspects or the desire for a special geometry (e.g. connectors with quick release) may require alternative solutions.


A cost-effective alternative to the stainless steel connector is the variant with a black chromate coating. They have proven excellent corrosion resistance in tests. Another plus point: the black chromated zinc die-cast connector is also available in the TWILOCK and TWILOCK-S quick-release versions.


  • High corrosion protection
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • Available with TWILOCK and TWILOCK-S quick-release fasteners
  • Inserts can be used modularly


Drives and controls are becoming smaller and smaller, and with them the installation space for connectors and cables. This is why hybrid connectors are gaining increasing acceptance on the market. What to do if the conventional wiring should be retained because a one-cable technology is too expensive.


The solution in this example consists of an M40 hybrid connector and a special multi insert.
This combination allows three cables to be merged into one connector. Three connectors become one.


  • Reduced number of connectors
  • Less assembly work
  • Cost savings
  • Weight and space savings
  • Reduced number of cables (one-cable technology)

The leading manufacturer of energy chain systems relies on HUMMEL cable glands. The reasons: reliable EMC protection, high strain relief, durability and ease of installation.

Product in the application:Cable gland
In use:Energy Chains®
Branch:Drive technology

Stainless steel motors from Groschopp are designed for the food industry worldwide. The Hygienic Design cable glands from HUMMEL are used there because they are both EHEDG certified and have UL approval.

Product in the application: Hygienic cable gland
In use:Stainless steel motor
Branch:Food and beverage industry

Level measuring instruments from VEGA are used where the ambient conditions are particularly rough. They withstand dust, liquids and products. Quality, service life, high impact protection and the sealing concept were the decisive factors for the use of HUMMEL cable glands.

Product in the application:Cable gland
In use:level gauge
Branch:Measurement technology

The INOX connectors on NORD drive systems must meet the highest hygienic requirements. These include strict specifications for cleanability, high acid resistance and corrosion protection.

Product in the application:Connectors
In use:Servo motor
Branch:Drive technology in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry

LED lighting systems from PHILIPS illuminate sports arenas and football stadiums. HUMMEL plastic cable glands with flexible cable outlets ensure a secure cable connection.

Product in the application:Cable gland
In use:LED lighting system
Branch:Lighting technology

In the French high-speed train TGV, HUMMEL cable glands are located directly in the cockpit. There they reliably protect the supply lines for the lighting system.

Product in the application:Cable gland
In use:TGV
Branch:Railway technology

In the track bed of the French rail network there are robust industrial housings with control elements for signalling and interlocking technology. M23 power connectors from HUMMEL ensure a safe and reliable power supply.

Product in the application:Connectors
M23 Leistung
In use:Rail infrastructure
Branch:Railway technology

Dunkermotoren produces drive solutions of the highest quality and is one of the most renowned suppliers on the market. M16 device connectors in the angled design provide the power supply for the BG45 and BG65 motor series.

Product in the application:Connectors
M16 device connector right angled
In use:Servo motor